KBiW supports the “Help Franc Debtors” campaign

On 5 October of this year, the “Help Franc Debtors” campaign will be launched by the Public Image and Legal Protection Committee of the Polish Bar Council for the purposes of giving legal assistance to persons who have taken loans indexed to or denominated in a foreign currency and protecting their rights. The aim of the campaign is also to provide information about the possibilities of protecting the rights of “franc debtors” at the pre-litigation and litigation stages.

Despite the opinions of the Financial Ombudsman and the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection which are favourable for the debtors , at the present stage no uniform case-law has emerged which would ensure that a “franc debtor” would win the case in court; however, given the enhanced activity of unprofessional entities the Bar cannot be indifferent to the social problem which is so important for almost 2 million persons.

In this campaign, the Law Firm Kurpiejewski Budzewski and Associates is represented by Wiktor Budzewski, Attorney-at-Law, who is very much involved in assisting persons who have taken loans indexed to or denominated in a foreign currency.

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